Parenting Coordination        


Parenting Coordination is a process
whereby an impartial third person,
appointed by the court, helps divorced
parties, particularly parties who have
high levels of conflict, to resolve
issues about their children out of court. 
The goal of parenting coordination is
to reduce the excessive use of
litigation, and most importantly, to
reduce the stress upon children caught
in the middle of their parents’ disputes.

Parent Coordination is a relatively
new phenomenon and only about eight
states have passed statutes for
parenting coordination, while others
utilize standard orders or local court
rules for the appointment of the PC. 
In Michigan, parent coordinators are
used in Washtenaw, Oakland, and
Kent counties.  Working with the
Circuit Court Judges, Dr. Patricia
Muldary has begun a Pilot Project
for Parent Coordination for Lenawee
County and the first cases are being
referred by the court and Friend of the
Court.  She is excited to be a part of
developing these innovative services
for families in Lenawee County!


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